Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NBA Lockout: (No) Pay Day

Since NBA players are paid in 24 equal installments throughout the year, today is the first day that guys are missing paychecks for the 2011-22 season.  Unfortunately, that money isn’t being reimbursed whenever the lockout does eventually end.  Given that 60% of NBA players go bankrupt five years after they retire, every lost paycheck exacerbates their need for a new labor deal.  Here’s an idea of what some notable players lost today (and will continue to lose every two weeks until a new CBA is reached).  The totals are gross amounts that don’t take into account taxes or escrow payments.

2011 All-NBA First Team
Kobe Bryant- $1,051,833
Dwight Howard- $745,225
LeBron James- $667,604
Kevin Durant- $566,833
Derrick Rose- $291,404

2011 All-NBA Second Team
Dirk Nowitzki- $795,536
Pau Gasol- $779,756
Amar'e Stoudemire- $759,071
Dwyane Wade- $646,333
Russell Westbrook- $211,767

2011 All-NBA Third Team
Chris Paul- $681,658
Manu Ginobili- $540,876
Al Horford- $500,000
LaMarcus Aldridge- $491,666
Zach Randolph- FREE AGENT

Rookie of the Year
: Blake Griffin- $238,795
Sixth Man
: Lamar Odom- $370,833
Most Improved Player: Kevin Love- $192,071

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